The Dragon Norns were developed by Kathira for Creatures in 1997. They occupy norn breed slot 8, clashing with the Wood Norns and Dwarf Norns.

The Dragon Norns version 1 cannot be downloaded from the internet, as Kathira no longer wishes them to be available. Kathira posted on Creatures Caves that she was working on a version 2.0 of the Dragon Norns in late 2003. The Dragon Norns version 2 (which also occupy breed slot 8) were released in December 2005.

Some genetic differences between the version 2 and nornal norns are:

  • They are less susceptible to disease
  • They like being warm (especially their kits)

You can download the Dragon Norns version 2 from Creatures Unlimited.

The C2 version of this breed is known as the Amphibious Dragon Norns.
Compare with the Draconian Norns for C3/DS.

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