The Creatures Online Official Website is the official website for Creatures Online, run by Fishing Cactus and BigBen Interactive.


Prior to the site opening, it had a teaser picture of Norns hatching, and you could sign up for the site newsletter. On its second day of existence, the site went down - this was fixed later.[1]

The website was known as the Creatures 4 Official Website until May 2013, when Bigben partnered with ProSiebenSat.1 Games, changing the game's name to Creatures Online.

Summary of Content

  • What is Creatures? - An introduction to Creatures Online and Sphericus.
  • The News - Reposted content from the Fishing Cactus blog, a new interview with the game designers.
  • The Creatures Series - An introduction to the games in the Creatures series from Creatures 1 through to Docking Station.
  • Goodies - Official teaser video, Artwork, Screenshots, Wallpapers. The Fan Kit is a zip file of all the wallpapers and screenshots available in the Goodies section.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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