The Creatures Content Installer is a small Windows utility designed for installing breeds, agents and metarooms into various Creatures titles.

It is maintained by Geater, who originally wrote the software in AutoIT v3, and is available for free under the open source Mozilla Public Licence 1.1. The source code is under Subversion at Sourceforge.

The Creatures Content Installer (or CCI for short) installs any files beginning with the following extensions into the respective directories, depending on what version of the game is set in the config file:

  • .cob
  • .rcb
  • .agents
  • .s16
  • .c16
  • .gen
  • .gno
  • .att
  • .catalog
  • .creature
  • .wav

It currently supports:


SourceForge project page (with downloads)

AutoIT v3

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