Summary of Content

The Wingie and Half-breed breeds, as well as the Creature City Forum.

Creature City is a Creatures site created by Red Dragon in 2003, with several members being prominent in the community. The 5 main members were Red Dragon himself, Lord Zasz, Tomecko, Vanya and Fishyfins, the 5 of them being known as the CC 5 after this website.

after the main 5 members shifted interest away from the Creatures games that brought them together, the 5 still kept in touch, and in 2007, moved their base to Dracomancer forums, attempting to grow a webcomic out of their friendship, which failed to take off

The Creature City site and forums can still be viewed online, though the forum has not seen activity in a long time. the site still contains the Wingie Norns, Crimson norns and Half Breeds for which it was known

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