C1 Learning Computer

In Creatures, the Computer taught Norns how to speak the Handish language (as opposed to bibble) - only verbs, though.

Did you know? Early versions of Creatures featured a blackboard for teaching words.

In Creatures 2, there were two learning computers. The one in the incubator room taught the norns simple verbs, such as 'push', 'eat', and 'rest'. The second one, on the level below, taught norns more abstract concepts, such as feelings: 'cold', 'pain', 'hungry', etc. Some creatures, however, would fail to learn the meanings of words, just the word itself, and would not perform any actions when told the verb.

Creatures 3 had the Learning Room.

Ali made a Computer COB for Creatures 1. Helen made a portable Easy Talk Computer for Creatures 2.

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