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From the readme:

Chicken soup is good as a food, but it's better for treating sickness. Inject a steaming hot bowl into Albia whenever your Norns are sick. The soup has the following effects on sick Norns each time it is sipped:

Chicken soup is also good for healthy Norns:

  • Hunger: -30
  • Pain: -20
  • Coldness: -50
  • Starch: -30

To make the soup attractive to sick Norns, it periodically stimulates any creatures that are touching it.

  • Pain: -5
  • Hotness: -5
  • Coldness: -5
  • Hunger: +5 (direct; does not use hunger++ chemical).

The Chicken Soup uses the C1 class numbers:

  • 2 7 193
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