This category is for C3/DS breeds that don't fit in the C3/DS Norn, Ettin or Grendel categories (especially if they use a geat breed slot). It is believed that 'geat' is pronounced 'jeet' and not 'geet.'

Geats are anything that isn't a norn,grendel or ettin, but not a species in their own right, whence the fact that they are unable to breed unless there is a cob or agent to allow breeding between them, which is included with one 'species' of geat named Shee (C3/DS)(After the quasi-gods of Albian mythology.)

C3/DS geats are known to be effected by the "wasteland glitch" when they interact with each other; the rooms in their area lose their room type and default to 0 (atmosphere), which is not livable for fish or the vast majority of plants. Therefore it is recommended to keep geats in a space designed for them.

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