C-Rex's original avatar from 2008

C-Rex (Also known as C_Rex, Rexgamer and Scarletraven) joined the Creatures Community on the 25th of January 2008. He is a moderator at Creatures Caves , an admin on the Creatures Wiki, and ran the Creatures Caves Facebook page until July 2014. In his free time, he enjoys drawing, 3D modelling, writing, and playing videogames.

He is currently studying a HND (Higher National Diploma) course in Games Development as of September 2013.


C-Rex got his first game in the Creatures series, Creatures 2, in late 1999 but only got into playing around late 2003. He received Creatures Triple Pack as a birthday present, in December 2007, and his first ever genetic breed, the Pink Strawberry Norns, was released the following year. C-Rex launched his website, DS Galaxy, in early 2009.



Genetic Breeds






Personal Info

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 19
  • Games: Creatures 2, Creatures Triple Pack, Creatures: Raised in Space
  • Main Platform: Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Country: United Kingdom

External Links

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