In Creatures 2, the Borland (Zanderphagus scarii) is an elusive sea monster that lives in the western (deep blue) ocean. It is known to have an affinity for Zander fish and, during the spring, can be tempted from its cave by hatching sufficient numbers of Zander fish from the Zander fish egg launcher (at least 5 must be close to the cave). The Borland most commonly appears during the spring or fall/autumn, because that is when the fish are most prolific.

May be derived from Jörmungand, a great sea-serpent of Norse mythology.

Note: The name Borland, the C monster was proposed by Lis Morris on 6 September 1998, and agreed to by a vast majority on (The name is an inside joke, referring to Borland's Turbo C compiler, a programming tool.)
Editnorn Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Click here to view Borland.

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