Two Types of Ashura Norns

The Ashura Norns are a genetic breed created by Lone--Wanderer which are especially useful for DS players. They come in two forms, one using chichi sprites and the other; magma sprites - the two Official Norn Breeds available from Gameware for Docking Station. Their biochemistry, however, is quite unique. The Lone--Wanderer says: "I only did that so people could have a choice of what they wanted them to look like.

The gengineering of the Ashura Norns includes great longevity, reduced sex drive, can eat detriutus and are unharmed by trapper plants and "beasts." Never develop "handophobia" from receiving punishment, among other modifications.

The Ashura Norns are available at KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus.

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