Aquamind was one of the first third party underwater-themed metarooms, and many were grateful for it.

It is a fair-sized room, with 2 different underwater sections - a salt-water section, and a fresh water section. Each section contains 2 types of fish, and the salt water section includes a vendor.

The land area includes another vendor, and a few plants. The graphics and CAOS were composed by zareb.

Aquamind was done entirely in the GIMP, and was zareb's first metaroom. The creation of Aquamind was quite lengthy - about 6 months - but it was primarily because of zareb's laziness.

The final release was on July 2004 . . . final, but not finished - due to the GIMP and his lack of CAOS skills, zareb decided to give up this project and start another, The Ancient Arch.

You can download Aquamind at Zareb's Creations!


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