Applejack is a toy based off Applejack from the popular animated TV series, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Applejack is Laura's first ever agent, and she was released on day 6 of the CCSF 2011. When a creature pushes her, she reduces their loneliness, fear, boredom and anger.

Quote Laura herself, Today's first release is courtesy of yours truly! I posted a teaser of this on Creatures Caves, back in September, and since then I've enjoyed seeing others get excited... especially My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans. :)

Applejack is honest, friendly, sweet to the core and now she's galloped all the way from 'Ponyville' to make friends with your C3/DS creatures! When they push her, she reduces their loneliness, fear, boredom and anger.

This is my first-ever agent, so I'm hoping that Applejack brings happiness to both creatures and Hands alike. I know my Norns can't get enough of their new toy!

You can download her, here, at the CCSF 2011 website.

An alternate location to download Applejack is at the Creatures 3/Docking Station, toy-type, agent, section of the Creatures Caves website, here.

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