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Animus Chaotica is a Creatures-like ALife game currently under development by Vadim and Nornagon. It uses a client-server architecture, in which the server does as little as possible. The server is being written in C, and currently runs only on Unix-like systems. The "official" client is also written in C, using SDL. However, anyone is welcome to make their own client. There are three official pieces of software: the Animus Chaotica client, the Animus Chaotica server, and the Animus Chaotica adminitration tools.

For those who use Subversion, the current code can be found at svn://


Currently, the Animus Chaotica source code requires the following libraries:

  1. SDL version 1.2.7 (All Official Software)
  2. SDL-Net version 1.2.5 (All Official Software)
  3. SDL-image version 1.2.3 (Official Client)
  4. SQLite version 2.8.15 (Official Server)
  5. zlib version 1.2.2 (All Official Software)
  6. readline version 4.3 (Official Administration Tools)

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