Albian Gardens

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Albian Gardens consists of The Norn Garden (C1) and The Creatures 2 Garden

Summary of Content

The Norn Garden

Lots of adoptions, a name book (shared with C2), some information on genetic mutations, many COBs and fewer tools.


by Lummox JR

by Slink

by Alexander Laemmle

by Steerpike

by mboehler

by Spotling

by Stefan Kuske

by James Frost

by Amanda Penney and Chris Aliotta

by Cyberlife

C1 Tools

The Creatures 2 Garden

More adoptions, C2 COBs, a couple of tools and information on common diseases and problems and how to avoid or solve them.


by Slink

by Lummox JR

by Julie Wohali-Bray

by Andrew U

by Bibble

by David Smallman

by Trevyn

by Frimlin

by Brad Fermanich

C2 Tools

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